5 Gift Ideas

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5 Gift Ideas

Frankly speaking Gift ideas are not as easy as people think. It is not a one size fits all shoe. We have mothers, fathers, siblings, family members, friends, entrepreneurs, kids, scholars and they are all different.

Looking for a gift for them is really challenging.

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What are the 5 gift ideas?


T-Shirts are a nice gift because it accommodates your different families and friends. Personalized T-Shirt is one of the best gift idea and when you are asking yourself why t-shirt?  With t-shirt you can write your message on the t-shirt, birthdays wish, own design, put their logo, their names and your photo on the t-shirt.

When choosing to have your photo on the the t-shirt make sure the t-shirt is 100% white polyester for best results. It is best recommended for sublimation which are perfect for photos.

Mouse pad

Mouse pads & Coasters

Coasters – Please don’t stain the table now the is nothing as irritating as your beautiful table getting stained so avoid stains get her coasters.  No more marks on your beautiful wood or glass table.

Mouse pads – If you have used a laptop or computer before than you know what am taking about, you know how irritating it is to use your mouse without a mouse pad. Using a mouse without a mouse pad is like the mouse has its own brain you want it to go right it will go left.

Keys and Key Rank

Are you serious Key rings and key racks as a gift idea? Yes, I am very serious. 

Poor keys don’t  have a home that’s why they are always misplaced. 

But not anymore but getting a personalized key rack the keys finally have a place.

Key rings are small but a nice personal gift that remind your love once you care for them and you are always caring  their photo with you  Personalized keying opener are quite a handy tool to have for your cold beverages.

Key rings
Storage Kids Chair


When we talk storage we are talking storage Kids box / chair now this is not just a stage box but the child can seat on it. Getting your child this storage box you can’t come home with it empty buy one or two new toys so he/she understand what the storage box is for after playing toys are put away. Getting the child at least one educational toy helps them learn.

Other ideas are pill box, personalized makeup metal compact square and business card holder.


Now this one is my favorite  gift idea of them. All you have to ask yourself is the person am buying the gift for a hot or cold beverage drinker.

Cold beverage drinker gift ideas mason jar mug, beer mug, wines glasses can also be plastic, hip flask for when you need something to drink at hand.

Hot beverages now whether is hot or cold some people just love their hot beverages so why not just get them a mug. Personalized ceramic mug with spoon, enamel, travelling mug and last but not least a color changing mug some people call it magic cup.


Comment below with your gift ideas?

Now am not a big fan of gifts that you are not used, gift ideas above are affordable and used often or sometimes.

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