About Alien Tech

Hey! I’m Precious the owner of Alien Tech and a Website Designer.

When I started my business I was funded with printing equipment sublimation printer, different types of press flat press, cap, mug press, etc.

Oh, I remember It like it was yesterday. I was so happy. Finally my print on demand business was now a reality but  not even one client was coming.

I had no clients and no budget to market the business. I started using my skills and knowledge and created my website and started marketing online. 

I got my first customer without spending anything on marketing just having an online presence.

Most small businesses face this issue marketing, letting people know that they are open for business. In order to get clients, you need to market. 


How Alien Tech Started

That’s when I realized the Importance of Online Presence for Small Business. How many people know you exist or even know that your business exists?

Now if they don’t even know you exist how can they find you?

The alientechtp website started getting a lot of inquiries from startup and small business, so I created startup small business packages.

A Website is digital learning or e-learning for schools, making sure learning does not only stop in the classroom.

But, a website for businesses is more. It is getting more customers as people can easily find you online and know exactly what services you are offering. They can do online payment, is cost-effective, with 24/7 access is convenient for the customer, and more powerful than you think.

Our Alien Tech Website Design Packages are affordable.

Join us and add your business online!


I am curious to know what your biggest challenge is as a small business OR start up. Click here to Fill out the survey and will be happy to share the results and let’s brainstorm some solutions.

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