Who we are

Alien Tech is 100% black female owned it is an ICT, printing and branding business providing digital printing, embroidery, digitizing, website create, updating, maintaining, hosting and internet service provider. 

We started our journey years back, looking back it has been an awesome ride with lots of ups and downs. But whatever be the situation, we were always trying to move forward. 

Why the name Alien?

Alien – belonging to a foreign country or nation.

Being in the white-dominated industry of digital printing, the name alien was perfect to explain the business and industry we are getting into is seen as foreign to a young black female from a small township.

Founder and vision

Alien Tech


Alien Tech vision is to be recognized as the benchmark of outstanding services and not only in the printing industry but also in the ISP (Internet Service Provider). We pride ourselves on bringing results and smiles to clients that work with us.


Our mission is to provide you with the highest-quality products and give you the best services at the shortest time and competitive price. We will help you archive your event, business or organisation goals.

web hosting


A website that does not make you money is a crab website no matter how pretty it looks.