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Alien tech is a gift printing shop making personal memories unforgettable, and an online marketing business. Using those photos you took and turning them into a special gift.

To print your photos on mugs, photos on pillows, on t-shirts, and many more items.
They are many ways to print designs on an item.

Printing options at Alien Tech


Let us start with the most popular item at Alien Tech photos on a mug. After the design process, the design is printed on a heat transfer paper called text print sublimation paper.

The paper is cut out, to fit the mug and taped with transfer tape to hold the paper on the mug, placed on the mug press for a few minutes, and is ready.

This type of printing requires heat, that is why sometimes they will call it heat transfer.

Mug Pressing printing

Frequently asked questions about sublimation print?

Can I bring my mug to print a photo on a mug?

No. Adding photos on a mug requires a special type of mugs, that are coated with polyurethane coating. 

Can I bring my t-shirt to print a photo on it?

Yes. For the best results to print a photo on a t-shirt, the t-shirt must be white, and the material must be 100% polyester.

HTV – Heat Transfer Vinyl

The vinyl cutter to cut the design out after place the design on a t-shirt, pillow, or cloth than using the heat press to press the design.

The sublimation and heat transfer vinyl printing are heat transfer because they need heat. This type of printing is relatively easy and quick.

Frequently asked questions about heat transfer vinyl print?

Can I bring my t-shirt?
Yes. The best material I like is 100% cotton.

Can HTV be used on other materials or surfaces?
Yes. The heat transfer vinyl can be used on different materials and surfaces like a doormat, leather, wood, glass, metal, notebook, mousepad, and many more items.


Heat Transfer Vinyl Cutting

Does heat transfer vinyl last?

Yes. Heat transfer vinyl should last for years when applied correctly under normal uses.

Why is the vinyl peeling off?
Heat transfer vinyl needs enough time to be pressed on the material when the pressing time was not enough or too long or too short will cause the peeling off.

Embroidery print

Embroidery uses stitches that are sewn directly onto the material, making it permanent it does not crack or fade after washes.

Frequently asked questions about embroidery?

Is embroidery expensive?

Can I bring my t-shirt, clothing, etc.?

Which is the best printing that lasts a lifetime?
Embroidery is the best printing that is permanent and lasts a lifetime.


Printing or embroidery, which one costs more?

Traditional printing like sublimation, vinyl, screen printing, etc. is more for promotional uses because they are low cost compared to embroidery. In the long run, embroidery is cheaper because is permeant you do it only once. With printing, you are more likely going to redo them after some time.

What makes printing better than embroidery?
Printing allows a more complicated design and still get the best result compared to embroidery.

These are the print options that Alien Tech uses sublimation, heat transfer vinyl, and embroidery.

Other printing

What is Screenprint

Screen printing or silk screening uses screen (stencils) to take your design onto the material. Just like HTV printing, you need different HTV to create your artwork that has different colors. Screen printing each color needed, in the design, requires its stencil.

Frequently asked questions about screen print?

Can you bring your t-shirts or clothing? Yes

What is better Vinyl Printing or screen printing?
Both printings are amazing, but some art design is better with vinyl some with screen printing. Vinyl will last for a few years before fading, and Screen printing lasts longer but sometimes crack depending on the print that was used.


Which is best between Heat transfer vinyl and screen printing when you have a small order or small quantity?

Heat transfer vinyl printing is better because it takes less time. Screen printing takes more time to set up that is why is perfect for bulk printing.

What is Direct to garment

The design is printed directly to the t-shirt or clothing through an inkjet printer.

Frequently asked a question about direct to garment print?

Is a direct to garment printing good quality? Yes

Can you bring your t-shirts or clothing, etc.? Yes


Printing depends on your budget and what you want to achieve. When printing on dark t-shit fabric, screen printing will produce a more vibrant look, and for light t-shirt fabric, heat transfer vinyl is best.

Embroidery works best on both.


Whether you are busy with fundraising for the church, crèches, schools, and other organizations personalized print is a good fundraising idea.
If you need ideas for your fundraising check out the shop for ideas.


The best gift you can give is a gift that you can use and is personalized. A gift for Birthday, Wedding, Baby shower, Funerals, Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Anniversary, Valentine’s gift, Graduations, Teacher’s days, Christmas gift, New year’s gift, Friendship gift, or any special person you want to appreciate.

Get your print done at Alien Tech.


Keeping those beautiful memories alive by turning them into gifts, visit Alien Tech to order online and get it delivered on your doorstep.

Woman Know Your Worth

Woman Know Your Worth

Is being a woman a sin or curse
Is my existence a crime
Because it sure feels like it
I know I am no angel
If that’s what you thought you have found in me but

Remember when we meet
You said all the right words
You looked at me and told me how beautiful I am
You said I should give you a chance
All you want is to love and protect me

I put my dreams on hold to start a family with you,
Excited to tell I am carrying a life inside me
Up until today, I don’t know what upset you that day,
But, before I could share the news with you,
You were punching me like a punching bag,
Kicking me like a ball
You beat me to a pulp I lost the baby,
Still, I stayed because I loved you or rather,
I was in love with the dream of what we could be
When everyone around me said I should go
I stayed, I stayed because
You were the love of my life!

Know Your Worth

I gave you so many chances because I thought you loved me,

I thought if I stayed just a little bit longer,

Things would get better,

Bit by bit piece by piece I lost my self

I blamed myself because I provoked you,

Your abuse was so normal

Before I knew it,

I loved you more than I loved myself,

I lost my self-confidence,

My worth

My eye side

My ability to use my legs

My dreams

Regrets and I became best friends.

 Did I deserve to be abused?


Lost Right
Lost Front
Lost Left

Why is a woman always blamed when things go wrong?

When you abused me, my in-laws said I proved you

When I could not keep a child full-term 

They called me a  barren

Not knowing the many times you beat me to a pulp I lost our babies

Struggling to have kids

God blessed us with kids

And, again they were too dark or too light to be yours my in-laws said

What exactly did a woman do?

My husband passed away and

I did not even get a chance to  grieve  for him

I was busy fighting with my in-laws because

Again, I was blamed that I killed you

When will it end

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Stop Women and Children abuse

I have overcome every situation I thought would break me

But it didn’t

I am a woman

Strong, beautiful, sexy, caring and forgiving

I am taking charge of my life

I know my worth

Today, I paint my own canvas

I am taking charge of my own ship

I was a passenger for too long

Not anymore

I am the captain of my ship

I am a woman

I know my worth

I deserve more

I demand more



Woman Know Your Worth





Gift Ideas

My six perfect gift ideas

Does not matter the age, gender or experience when it comes to choosing a gift we all need help.


I honestly don’t know why but gift ideas are not as easy as people think.

When you choose a gift, you must first check the person you are getting the gift for are they your parents, partner, friends, co-worker etc.

After answering what relationship, you have with the person you are getting a gift for now you can start to write down a perfect gift idea for them?


Mugs (mason jar, mugs, beer mugs, kids mug, plastic glass/mugs) gift


Now this one is my favourite gift idea all you have to ask yourself is the person I am buying the gift for is he or she a hot or cold beverage drinker.

Cold beverage drinker gift ideas mason jar mug, beer mug, wines glasses can also be plastic, hip flask for when you need something to drink at hand.

Hot beverages whether it is hot or cold some people just love their hot beverages so why not just get them a mug. Personalized ceramic mug with spoon, enamel, traveling mug, and last but not least a magic color-changing mug.

 I don’t know about you but I love my tea.

  The is something about a personalized mug that honestly I can’t explain not only do you feel special because it is specially made just for you but who does not like seeing themselves?

Previous Work
T-Shirt Printing


T-Shirts are a nice gift because it accommodates your different families and friends. Personalized T-Shirt is one of the best gift ideas and when you are asking yourself why t-shirt?

With a t-shirt, you can write to your message on the t-shirt, birthdays wish, own design, put their logo, their names and your photo on the t-shirt.

Now like a ring to show you are taken the same with a t-shirt customize your message hands off his taken.

I have not seen a woman who does not like to match with their partner once in an awhile so if you have not got your partner a personalized t-shirt I think is now due.

When choosing a photo t-shirt make sure the t-shirt is 100% white polyester for best results it is best recommended for sublimation which is perfect for photos.

Keyrings and Metal Key rack to hold your keys

Seriously keyrings and key racks as a gift idea? Yes, I am very serious.


Every day people get this question have you seen my keys? The answer is always where did you put them, where was the last place you saw them.


Looking for keys is a thing of a past now getting your personalized key rack the keys finally have a place.

Keyrings are small but a nice personal gift that reminds your love once you care for them and helping them find a home for their keys am telling you will be a life saver.

The personalized keyring opener is made with stainless steel, for your convenience and durability so when you need to open that bottle.

 A personalized keyring is customized with your photos, design, and a message for a unique keyring that shows off your style and love your family.

Personalized keyrings you’re loved once photos in your pocket.

 keyring opener is quite a handy tool to have for your cold beverages.

Personalized key racks
Personalized Coasters


Weather you have a glass, plastic or wood table stains on the table are the one thing no one want in their house.

The is nothing more irritating as your beautiful table getting stained so avoid stains get her coasters.

It is not that you don’t like visitors but their hot and cold beverages leave marks on your beautiful wood or glass table.

Remember a perfect gift is a gift that can be used not a gift that will wait for special guest we don’t know when they will come.


If you have ever used a laptop or computer before then you know what am talking about, you know how irritating and frustrating it is to use your mouse without a mousepad?

To be honest using a mouse without a mousepad is like you are a headless chicken the mouse has a brain of its own you want it to go right it will go left.

 Get your co-worker or a friend a gift they can use daily and they will appreciate it.



When we talk storage we are talking storage Kids box/chair now this is not just a storage box but the child can seat on it.

Getting your child this storage box you can’t come home with it empty buy one or two new toys so he/she understands what the storage box is for after playing with toys you put them away.

Getting the child at least one educational toy helps them learn.

Other ideas are pillbox, personalized makeup metal compact square, and business cardholder.

Now, I am not a big fan of gifts that are not used, gift ideas above are affordable and used often or sometimes.

Instead of spending thousands of rands, buying my mother pots, tea pots set or blankets she has never used them and every time you ask the answer is we will use it when guests come.

The secret is out the best gift is a gift that is specially made just for you a personalized gift you can never go wrong.

Place your order and let us make you a personalized gift specially made just for you!

Alien Tech – Making personal memories unforgettable!

Comment below was is your perfect gift ideas?

Website MAINTENANCE Prices

How much does Website maintenance cost in northern cape, south Africa? 2020 Secrets they don’t share

Website maintenance prices in South Africa vary, but the first question to ask is what exactly are your paying for? ​

Website maintenance prices vary in northern cape, South Africa starting from R299 per month to R20 000 per month.


The sad part is being overcharged just because you don’t know, or don’t understand than they take advantage and overcharge you! I am sure we all have  been taken for a ride once or twice in your life just because you don’t know.


Website maintenance prices in South Africa vary, but the first question to ask is what exactly are your paying for?

 Three things that impact the price of a website are:

  1. You pay the person/company to create the website.
  2. You pay for a domain name and monthly hosting.
  3. You pay for your website to be maintained.

We offer Website Maintenance packages that are affordable to your budget from as little as R299 per month.

You pay the person/company to create the website.

What the designer is going to use the CMS (Content Management Systems) or programming language coding (HTML5/CSS, PHP, C++, Python, JavaScript, etc.) The amount of time the designer is going to spend on creating the website also counts. Website maintenance prices are not a one size fit all. 

When you are thinking of getting a website designed for your business. You will likely look for the best prices, the quality of the website design, experience, is the business well known, and if the website maintenance package suits your business.

A solopreneur who is starting a business and only need 1- 3 pages can’t be compared to a small business that will need maybe 5 pages or more. Their website maintenance packages will differ so should their prices.


Who to hire? 

When you are looking for a company to create your website or maintain your website these are the things to take into consideration.

  • The company building your website and maintaining your website do they understand you? Understand your frustration as a solopreneur or a small business. 
  • Is the company educating you? Explaining terms that they are using like hosting, domain name, responsive website, static website, or the difference between a website and a blog.

Yes, they are well known big companies but are they what you need? 

So, do you see the question of how much does a website cost or how much does a website maintenance cost? Varies because of the different things. Sometimes you pay more because the company is well known so you buying for the name.

What you should be paying for is the service. 

The sad part is people are sometimes overcharged because they just don’t know. 

You pay for the domain name and monthly hosting

What is a domain name?

A domain name is an address where the internet users can access your website (your website name).

Two examples to explain domain name

  1. Everyone in South Africa has an ID number. The ID uniquely identifies you, and no one else has your ID number.  
  2. Houses have an address they cannot be duplications of these addresses otherwise people will get lost.

The domain name is your identification that is unique some charge you once a year some once-off. The domain name must be registered before you can use it. Every domain name is unique.

Professional emails at your domain name can also help you boost your credibility and build your brand. Email accounts are included with a website package.




What is website hosting?

Website hosting is a service that allows a website or web page onto the Internet. A web host, or web hosting service provider, is a business that provides the technologies and services needed for the website or webpage to be viewed on the Internet. For you to see your business, organizations, and individual’s website you need hosting.

The 1 GB hosting per included in the website package or website maintenance but you are charged R2 500 per month just because you do not understand or know. 

1 GB for R2 500 really now?

You pay for your website to be maintained.

Website maintenance is maintaining the website on a daily, weekly, or monthly depending on the agreement. Website maintenance is the act of regular checking and keeping it updated and relevant. If the website does not add any relevance to clients and is outdated it makes you look unprofessional. 

Keeping a website well maintained and attractive is important to big or small organizations.

Is it always better to invest in a website maintenance package than buy a once-off website design? Yes, it may come out cheaper for once-off but is it really cheaper in the long run?

 Getting more traffic to the website you have to create content that clients need so they can get your service or product.


 We offer website design packages that are affordable to your budget from as little as R299 per month.

I am curious to know what your biggest challenge is as a small business OR start up. Click here to Fill out the survey and will be happy to share the results and let’s brainstorm some solutions.


What is CROWD 1?

Sign up with crowd1

What is CROWD1?

CROWD1 is a network marketing company and by law, they need to have a product. CROWD1 sells education packages.


Is CROWD 1 scam or pyramid scheme?

The difference between a pyramid scheme and a lawful MLM program is that there is no real product that is sold in a pyramid scheme. Participants attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants into the program. Pyramid Schemes are, however, fraudulent schemes, disguised as an MLM strategy. Multi-level Marketing (MLM) or network marketing, is individuals selling products to the public – often by word of mouth and direct sales


 The education pack is good but people who buy CROWD1 are in it for the owner’s rights. They get the owner right for every packet they purchase. 

They give Owner rights to share in the profits from the online gaming and gambling platforms affilgo and miggster.


After affilgo and miggster are launched than dividends over the value of the owner rights. The internal exchange will be where we can buy and sell owner rights, which only members of CROWD1 are allowed to do so. The owner rights will increase in value because a lot of money goes into gambling.

When you recruit people you get bonuses  

Fear of loss bonus Once You have signed up you get 14 days to get this bonus

They are 4 educational packs the higher package you sell the more owner rights you will receive.

White packs €99 in South Africa currency is R1 930, 111,40 USD

Black Pack €299 in South Africa currency is R5 930, 336,45 USD

Silver Pack €799 in South Africa currency is R15 560, 889,07 USD

Titanium Pack €2 499 in South Africa currency is R48 651, 2 811,84 USD

Titanium Pro Pack €3 999 in South Africa currency is R77 864, 4 499,61 USD


For the first 14 days after you join if you sell 

4 white packages in those 14 days you will get €125 in South Africa currency is R2 432, 140,65 USD

4 black packages in those 14 days you will get €375 in South Africa currency is R7 301, 421,94 USD

4 gold packages in those 14 days you will get €1 005 in South Africa currency is R19 567, 1 380, 81 USD

4 titanium packages in those 14 days you will get €3 150 in South Africa currency is R61 316, 3 545,58 USD

You can always upgrade from one pack to another with your earnings and receive more bonuses.

1. Streamline Bonus

The streamline bonus is not about the cash you get now but is about getting more owner rights.

When you start and you have not signed up anyone no problem you will get owner right each week that you must claim. When you start you are in level1 and after you sign someone you will move to level 2 and your owner rights that you claim per week will also increase. Level 1-4 is a white pack than you will have to move to Black pack level 5-8 and you will have to move to gold pack 10-12 and the last level is titanium level 13-15. 

You are not focused to move but it is recommended because you will get more owner right to claim every week. 

 The streamline bonus level is level 1- 20

Level 1 => Signed 0 with your link => Get €2.50 owner right per week

Level 2 => Signed 1 with your link => Get €5.00 owner right per week

Level 3 => Signed 2 with your link => Get €7.50 owner right per week

Level 4 => Signed 3 with your link => Get €10.00 owner right per week

Level 5 => Signed 5 with your link => Get €15.00 owner right per week

Level 6 => Signed 6 with your link => Get €25.00 owner right per week

Level 7 => Signed 7 with your link => Get €50.00 owner right per week

Level 8 => Signed 8 with your link => Get €75.00 owner right per week

Level 9 => Signed 9 with your link => Get €100 owner right per week

Level 10 => Signed 10 with your link => Get €150.00 owner right per week

These streamline bonus is only selling the white package so the more you sell the higher your owner rights that you get that you must claim every week

2. Binary Bonus (Education Package Sales Bonus)

To qualify for the binary bonus, you need to sign up 1 person on each leg, on your own. When you have signed up you will see the are already people these are not your people these are over spelled from your sponsor. You do get points from these people but to qualify for the binary bonus you must sign at least 1 person per leg and make sure 1 person is signed in on the left and 1 person is signed under right.

80% bonus will be put into the account balance and 20% is used to buy new owner rights. 

How do you sign up people on the left or right leg?

How do you change your leg if you always have someone on the left and you want to put someone on the right you go to account> settings > placement-new sponsored members (choose to place on the LEFT side or Place on the RIGHT side) and always save your settings, and do this before you sign somebody?

Once you have placed a person on your 1 leg you can’t move them to another leg.

3. Matching Bonus

When you have sold 4 white packages personally you don’t only get your binary bonus but 10% your team makes. 

8 Black Packages you get 10% + 10% your team makes 

12 Black Packages you get 10% + 10% +10% your team makes 

16 Gold Packages you get 10% + 10% +10%+10%your team makes 

20 Black Packages you get 10%+10%+10%+10%+10%10% your team makes.

This means you earn full Commissions from your team sales, each time they sell

4. Network Levels

This is the income you will receive over the online gambling platforms so this is beside the dividends over the value of your owner rights. 

Now, do you see why owner rights are important?

When you first start your title will be a:

Team Leader, then you become a Coordinator, then a Manager, then a Director, then a President, then a Senior President, and the last level is the Ambassador. 

How do you withdraw your funds with CROWD 1?

Withdrawal to the bank you need to have at least 100 dollars in your account to make this withdrawal this will take longer. 

You can use gift code people pay money in your account and you buy them the code. This is the fastest way to get money in your account.

You can withdraw when you have a minimum of 10 dollars you can withdraw to your bitcoin wallet if you have is Faster than the bank.

How can you buy or pay for CROWD 1 packages?

The CROWD 1 payment methods are:

Crypto (Ethereum/Bitcoin) Bitcoin used by mostly top earners in Crowd 1 and those preferring Bitcoin to pay.

Gift Code (Gift Voucher) This method is used mostly than all other methods your sponsor buys you the code.

CROWD 1 Card – This card is not yet available but will be like any other credit or cheque card.


 1st of every month we will answer, update, and teach you more about crowd1, Join my team

CROWD1 is not a get rich quick scheme that you buy the package and not do anything and expect to get paid unless you wait patiently for your dividends and just claim your owner rights. I am sorry but if that what they told you then clearly your sponsor did not understand.