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crowd1 SCAM OR REAL?

What is CROWD1?


Crowd1 is network company it does not have a license to sell shares it sells educational packs. When buying educational packs, you get free owner rights. When people gamble crowd1 make money, but does not own shares.

crowd1 sell

Crowd1 sells Education packs have different training about mind-set, real estate, starting your own business and many more.

Making money from home testing the crowd 1 company and recording my performance per month.

  1. Information about CROWD1. What is CROWD1? November 2019

  2. How i registered my account? December 2019

  3. My earnings. January 2020


CROWD1 Package1

Crowd1 Information videos?

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    • qufzofzq

      No problem dear when i heard about it at first i was also not interested but doing research and YouTube. My partner said why not just invest that €99 EUR than regret we did not take the risk because if we lose the money than, that money was not going to come back anyway. CROWD1 has launched its own online store, busy with its own bank card so am giving it a try and legendary marketer. Want to write about my experience for 6 months

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