How to start a FREE blog in 2020.

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Do you want to start a free blog?

I am sure you have read a few blogs and wondered if you can start your blog and how much it will cost you? Well, you have come to the right place and the right blog. When I started blogging I was doing my research about blogging and finding answers sometimes it was not that easy.
I told myself when I start blogging I will take it to the basics I will write posts that I wish I could have gotten from one of my bloggers I was following and not moving fast too quickly that would intimidate you.
In this blog post, we go to step by step to create your free blog we are not just doing the writing but talking also.
How to start a free blog

Learn how easy it is
to create a FREE blog

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What is a free blog?

A free blog is a blog you can start that does not need any start-up capital to start it, meaning you don't need a cent to pay for hosting or even pay someone to do it. Free blog means exactly that you can create it yourself free is free.

Do i have to figure it out on my own?

No am not just going to give you links than you figure it out own your own what to do.
I created a video to show you how easy it is to set it up and yes watch the video above. (No coding, no programmer needed)


Can you make money with a free blog in 2020? yes Do you recommend a free blog? Yes, if you are experimenting and checking if blogging is for you then, start a free blog. No, if you know you want to be a blogger full time I would not recommend a free blog.

Top five platforms I recommended to start your free blog.

Advantages of a free blog

  • It is free
  • NO, Startup cost/capital
  • No monthly hosting fee
  • Easy to set up and maintain without any prior website design knowledge

Disadvantages of a free blog

You don’t own a domain.
What is the domain? domain is an area of territory owned or controlled by a particular ruler or government.
Explaining a domain in simple English when you have a house, your house has a number and a street name, so a domain is exactly that is a house that is on the net. So if you don't own your house you can't do what you want with it because you are renting it, now it is the same with a free blog because you are renting it is not yours. If your blog name is babyfood than your blog name will be (When created from Blogger)

  • Sometimes you have less control over your blog.
  • You have a limited amount of hosting space.
  • Free platforms usually limit your advertising options

meaning you might lose your earnings

Commend below if you have started your free blog and please come back and share the link to your new blog with us. Subscribe to our YouTube channel like and leave us a commend what video would you like us to create? Drop your email on the Subscribe form and tell us would you like to learn?

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