How websites make money in 2020

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5 ways how websites make money

Making money from a website or blog people make it sound so easy that sometimes you thinking, is it that easy? Monetizing your website and making money online by using a variety of different techniques and testing which technique works for you.

This site makes money by advertising and selling.

The are numerous ways you can use the website to make money but I choose 5 ways.
The websites and blogs I have mentioned below I trust, respect and are my role models am subscribed to their youtube channel.

If you check the video until the end you will see your bonus.

Now, lets down to it 5 ways to make money from a website or blog:

Advertising to make money from website or blog

I mentioned this website is making money using google ads. Companies spend thousands of South African Rand’s, Botswana Pula,US Dollars whatever your currency is per month on google ads. 

Google’s advertising system is advertisers bid on certain keywords for their clickable ads to appear in Google’s search results. 

(Cost Per Click) ads – Every time a reader clicks on the ad, the website owner gets paid for that click.

Ads  – cost per 1 0000 impressions are ads that pay you a fixed amount of money based on how many people view your ad.

Google Ads
and many others you can try. 

Advertising space  – Some business or organization would that would want to promote or advertise on your site. Sometimes they say is private advertising.

Example of a website that makes money from adverting

Sell Something to make money from website or blog

Example of a website that makes money from adverting


Selling something is the most common way to make money. So even for websites to make make money, they sell something. 

They can sell a product like my website sells t-shirts, co-operate gifts or bigger bolder website example that sells kitchen utensils. 

You can sell a service lets say you have a website you can showcase your skills in a particular industry like website design, photography, graphic designs, or you are an artist you showcase your artworks, eBooks, music or even poetry.
Selling your service is selling your skills you teach Maths, or Computer literacy, or English, or introducing small business to put their business online like doing training, workshops, tutorials or courses, etc.

                        You can offer consultancy.

Using affiliate marketing to make money from website or blog

Nathan was working full time in the military full time when he started his journey as an online entrepreneur an affiliate. 

  • Affiliate marketing from the dictionary – a marketing arrangement by which an online retailer pays a commission to an external website for traffic or sales generated from its referrals.
  •  You refer someone to buy something examples insurance, Avon, Justine, Tupperware, cars, etc. You get paid commission so is the same thing with affiliate marketing. 
  • You do product review as an affiliate you will be reviewing products you want to sell. You love to cook you will be reviewing kitchen utensils and selling them and get paid commission.

Example of a website that makes money from adverting

Email marketing to make money from website or blog

Example of a website that makes money from adverting

Relationships with your customers or clients are very important. A particular group of customer can be targeted. Offering individual specials deals or a customer’s birthday. 

Now I am currently not using this but is very powerful for example when you visit the example website you will see, are you ready to unlock the door to lifelong financial confidence?

If you are interested you are going to put your email address he is going to send you tips, videos, sell his service and many more.


  • Marketing is expensive but email marketing is inexpensive and easy to market your product or service compared to other types of marketing. It is so easy that you can set it up and track an email marketing campaign, making it a very accessible type for small businesses.

Job board to make money from website or blog

  • The job board is also called job sitejob portal, job website or employment website – is a website that deals specifically with employment or careers.
  • People are looking to hire someone who will post a job on your job board and readers will apply for the job. 
  • Job websites are the middle person helping the employer to get employees.

Example of a website that makes money from adverting

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