Online Presence and Digital Marketing

Online presence is any existence of your business or organization that can be found via an online search. Online presence includes creating your website, social media management, digital marketing, checking what is right for you. 



Gone are the days where we use yellow pages’ directory for customers to find your service or products. 

Now we are in the digital life where for everything we want, we go to the internet. We want a doctor, decoration for a party or event, catering, event planner, funeral cover, insurance, B&B, guest houses, dentist, bakery, restaurant, events taking place, gifts, personalized printing, website design, school, hospital, clinics, chicken farms, livestock, fruit and vegetable farms, artists, building a house and looking for bricks, cements, sand, even street vendor who sells delicious fat cakes (Vetkoek / Magwinya). 


Whatever service or product people are looking for it online. 

Online Presence

What are the benefits of having an online presence?


Business -> Get more customers as people can easily find you online and know exactly what you are offering the service they want. So even if you close people can still find you online. 

Online presence creates trust, increase your credibility, build a stronger brand, reach more people, help your customers to find you.

Benefits of online presence for schools


Online presence is not just a website is digital learning / e-learning and improving results.


Online presence for schools means digital learning / e-learning and improving results. School principals are acknowledged for the amazing work they do. Registration time no more waiting in the queues.

To know what the child must know in a month, quarter, semester and year so is also the responsibility of the parent to check if the child knows that work. Everything parents need to know is available on the school website – activities, recognition, announcements, fundraising, etc.

Posting the learner’s excellent work on the school website or social media is a great way to praise them and their works.

The school website can also act as a teaching tool that extends learning outside the classroom. The leaner can get assignments, tests, exam papers and a memo from the school website no printing needed saving the school printing costs. Learners can get tutorial lessons through YouTube, podcasts, skype and other useful materials.

Teachers can have forums, groups, messages boards, WhatsApp any form of communication to help students further outside the classroom.

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Digital Marketing

Marketing is expensive big businesses spends millions and billions now as a small business, I know and understand your pain, but you have to market to get clients.
I got my first customer without spending anything on marketing just having an online presence.
Marketing -> The action or business of promoting and selling products or services, including market research and advertising. Digital marketing is marketing that is utilized online.
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Online Presence Services

Online Presence Consultancy and Management Services

Website development and design
Website updating and maintaining
social media management
digital marketing
Website Checking
Remember is not just a website:
Is digital learning or e-learning for schools making sure learning does not only stop in the classroom.
 For businesses is getting more customers as people can easily find you online and know exactly what services you are offering, online payment, cheap or free marketing.

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