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About Us

Alien Tech started as a gift printing business, but after getting equipment’s from NYDA. I realized that start-ups, micro-small businesses, need more than funding and types of equipment.

We need access to the market and online visibility. 

Our Services

Alien Tech offer Printing and Digital Services

Embroidery and Digitizing Services

  • Digitizing -> is the process of converting your logo/picture into stitches. 
  • Embroidery-> is decorating your fabric or materials using thread and needle.
    •  How much does embroidery cost? Embroidery is charged according to the number of stitches be done per project.
    • What can you embroider

Fleece Gown, T-shirts, Caps, Blankets, Towels, Pillowcases, Bags, Facemasks, Aprons, Beanies, Table runners, Overall. You can embroider on almost everything.

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Our services

Digital Services

  • Digital Services refer to the electronic delivery of information, including data and content across, multiple platforms and devices like the web or mobile. Digital media is any form of media that uses electronic devices. 
  • Digital services we offer?
    • Website Design, updating, and hosting.
    • Adding organizations on Social Media 
    • Content creation
    • Online advertising
  •  Pamphlets, business cards, posters, etc.

Why add your business online?

Make it easy for potential clients to know you exist, and what products or services you offer.


I know you assume everyone knows about you. What about the people who don’t stay around your area? Who doesn’t even know you exist? How can they support you? 



When you add your business online, you make it easy to showcase your services. Therefore, you are not limiting services rather it easy to market your brand.


Personalized Gift Printing Services

T-Shirt printing
  • Personalized gifts in the traditional sense are gift items that carry either person’s full name, first name, surname, monogram, or initials on them. Personalizing gifts, utilizing photos, logos, unique designs, and even hand and footprints. 
  • We do our personalization gift printing using embroidery, vinyl, sublimation, glass-etching, normal paper, etc.
  • Examples of personalized gifts?

Camp chairs, T-Shirts, Mugs, Business Cards, Logos, Invitation cards, Pillows, etc.

Our Prices

We work with small businesses and non-profit organizations that is why our prices are affordable.

Embroidery for Mobiseng Tyre Repairs


Bring your own item and add a your
Name only on T-shirts, Towels, Fleece Gown or Blankets => R35
To put your logo it must first be digitized => R150 once off

Add your business online

Digital Services

Website Design package => R299 pm
Website Design Once off => R1 500 (Does not include hosting)
Hosting options 1 GB => smallest R100 pm

Don’t forget to follow to check out as we show you step by step how to add your business online, for FREE!

scatter cushion

Gift Printing

Cushions R 160,00
Cushion small (25x25 cm) => R100 Cushion medium (45x45 cm)=> R160 Cushion standard (45x75 cm) => R210 Continental=> R300 Includes the cushion and case.
Personalized Covers Only
Small =>R60 Medium => R100 Standard => R150 Continental => R200
Covers Only
Small =>R30 Medium => R40 Standard => R50 Continental => R80

ALIEN TECH’s vision is to be recognized, as the benchmark of outstanding digital services and the printing industry. We pride ourselves on bringing results and smiles to clients that work with us

Our Vision

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide our clients with the highest quality products and give them the best services at the shortest time and competitive price. 

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