Gift Printing

Personalized gift printing we print your photo, logo, message on different products like:

  • Photo Mug Printing
  • T-Shirts Printing
  •  Photo Pillow Printing
  • Caps Printing
  • Slippers Printing
  • Bags Printing
  • Keyring and Key racks printing
  • Mouse pads Printing
  • Names on Wine Glasses
  • Pen Holder Printing
  • Stationary Printing
  • Photo Clock Printing
  • If you can think it i am sure we can print it send us an email to esquire about the products you want to print.

Branding often takes the form of a recognizable symbol to which consumers easily identify, such as a logo.

  • Logo Designers
  • Business Card Designers
  • Posters ,Pamphlets & Book cover designs


Online Marketing

Any marketing that requires the internet is considered online marketing. Online marketing attracts customers and builds an online presence.

  • Website Design
  • Content Creation
  • SEO
  • Social Media Management
  • E-Mail Marketing

All Online Marketing services we offer from Offline 2 Online Marketing blog this blog is updated weekly.

Website Design

Alien Tech Website Design Service.

Website packages that are affordable to your budget from as little as R299 per month.

Benefits of a website: 

  • Cost Effective.
  • 24/7 Around  The Clock Availability. 
  • Consumer Convenience & Wider Reach. 
  • Business Credibility.
  • Competitive Opportunity.
  • Increased Sales & Monthly Reports.

Online Presence

Alien Tech Online Service.

Online Presence is any existence of your business or organization that can be found via an online search.

Online Presence for schools:

  • Parents to be well informed.
  • School’s principals be acknowledged for the amazing work they do.
  • Teachers can post useful links and videos.

3 Reasons We Offer These Services

  1. To solve your problem
  2. Add your business online
  3. Create more than one income stream

Every organization has different challenges and needs:

Most Small businesses not getting enough clients, sales, and have one income streams, our services can help? 

  • Adding your business where clients search for your service or product (If people don’t know you exist how can they come to you?
  •  One of the challenges small businesses have is getting clients. The first place people will look for a service or product is on the internet. The service or products you are offering if it is not online, you are losing clients who are looking for your service and products
  • You have to market to get clients. Wring a marketing sales pitch to get the clients you want.
  • A website offers 24 hours’ access to get more sales and take the client step by step on the journey to get them to buy.
  • Creating an online store is continuously open and clients don’t have to come to you. 
  • The services or skills you have can create more than one income stream.

How Our Services
Help You

One of the challenges schools have is they have to continue learning even with the pandemic. Online education can help but adjusting to something new is not easy.

A school website can help learners being taught by their teacher, using the langue they are comfortable with. One of the other challenges is the gap that some learners have never used technology before. 

One of the challenges municipalities have a website can solve is transparency. The municipality website can show the current projects, vacancies, bursary, tenders, and request for quotation. This helps so that the same business always gets the job without even knowing where they advertised.

All Online Marketing services we offer this service from Offline 2 Online Marketing blog this blog is updated weekly.

Our Company Is Here
To Help You

Our approach is different. Alien Tech understands a website must bring results and solve problems.

Our services is to solve problems:

Increasing sales, getting more customers, or adjusting to go online  or to teach online.

We look at your organization and we will recommend a way forward. 

At the end the customer is always right, and what the client want, the client gets.

Alien Tech Services is unique designed to help start up or small business to add their business online. 

We know and understand the situation you are in.  If this situation ever returns you are ready and you have systems in place.

Even if the situation we are in, NEVER return making the BEST of both situations selling online and on your store.

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