Which T-Shirt material is best for Photo printing?

 Which T-Shirt material is best for photo printing? I recommend white 100% polyester for Sublimation.


Depending what kind of T-Shirt am printing these are the options am using.

100% Cotton

Good for Photo printing with Hot Peel on white or light T-Shirts. The fabric is softness, breathable for all climates, absorbent, has a tendency to shrink and wrinkle


Good for both warm and cold climates, breathable, durable, non shrink as it has polyester in the fabric, non wrinkle. Mixer of Polyester 35% / cotton 65%

100% polyester

Good for Photo Printing with sublimation, screen printing. Amazing for cooler climates, less breathable than cotton and cotton/poly blend, non wrinkle, very durable, can withstand high wash temperatures, non shrink.


Best result is printing on a white T-Shirt that is 100% polyester.
What paper am using?
Textprint sublimation paper for SAWGRASS & RICOH Printers

T-Shirt Photo Printing polyester
T-Shirt Photo Printing polyester

They are both 100% polyester but if you look closer you will notice the one material is much fine than the other one.

Hot Peel

Best result is printing on a white T-Shirt that is 100% cotton.
What paper am using?
You peel when is hot DO NOT wait for it to cool down

Hot Peel
T-Shirt Photo Printing cotton

Dark T-Shirts

Print any type of material.
What paper am using?
1-STEP PAPER for Dark T-Shirts

T-Shirt Photo Printing

All these T-Shirts was done using this paper but the white and light could have been easily done using Hot Peel.

Screen Printing

Print any type of material.
Currently am not using this option but

Choose the right material

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