Why your business need a home online

Why your business need a Home Online

Why should your business need a home online? “My business is a brick and mortar. Why should it be online?”


A straightforward answer is your business needs to have a home online. Whether your business is running from a fancy office, backroom at home, or even the street, your business needs an online home.


With the pandemic, most businesses started going online or close down. We all are trying our best to be safe, now don’t leave your customers behind.


Change in hours or 24/7 Hour Availability

Change in hours / 24/7 Hour Availability

Businesses changed their operating hours. When your business is online, you can inform your clients about the changes or that you are closed.  

I don’t know about you, for me the is nothing more irritating about traveling to a place only to find it closed, is a waste of time and very upsetting. Don’t put your loyal and potential clients through that.

When your business has an online home, it is available 24/7. They know exactly what is happening in your business. Whether you have decided to make a special, or change your corner, your clients will be informed.






When your business has a home online, do you know that not only can people find you? But it does not only limit your business to word of mouth. One of the challenges we face as micro and small businesses is we neglect marketing our businesses. 


In my blog Offline 2 Online Marketing, I always ask how people can support you when they don’t know that you exist?


The truth is we limit our businesses!



 Today, if someone wants more information about a company, they’re most likely to do their research online. 

When I was reading a blog post these words stuck with me 

It is the business’s job to make sure potential customers find them in just a few clicks.

Work from anywhere

When you take your business online gives you the ability to have location freedom. Most micro-businesses have to go to training, workshops, networking, attend classes, look for the clients our schedule is hectic hands down!

You can work from anywhere you want; you’re not stuck to a physical location when your business is online. You can communicate with potential clients answer questions they may have as long as you have a solid internet connection you can live virtually anywhere while you conduct your online business. 




Example=> Let us say you are at a workshop a potential client wants to order plates, make an appointment for their hair, nails, etc. All you have to do is get their orders ready. Communicate with your intern or a person who assists you when you are not in the office. For when the client comes, or even make sure your appointments suit you both! You didn’t lose business, and you are not at your office location.

Every town has something special about it. When Alien Tech travels, and when I travel, the first thing I do is:


  • Where to eat 
  • Sleep 
  • See and do or places to visit


I think every person who visits a new town looking for this and businesses are not on Google My Business, therefore, losing potential customers who want to support them. 


I hope this blog post encourages you to create a home online for your business, and remember it is free to add your business online using Google My Business, Social Media, Website, etc.

Work from anywhere

Comment below have you made a home online for your business if not, why?

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