Woman Know Your Worth

Woman Know Your Worth

Is being a woman a sin or curse
Is my existence a crime
Because it sure feels like it
I know I am no angel
If that’s what you thought you have found in me but

Are my mistakes worse just because I am a woman

Remember when we meet
You said all the right words
You looked at me and told me how beautiful I am
You said I should give you a chance
All you want is to love and protect me

I did, I gave you a chance

I put my dreams on hold to start a family with you,
Excited to tell I am carrying a life inside me
Up until today, I don’t know what upset you that day,
But, before I could share the news with you,
You were punching me like a punching bag,
Kicking me like a ball
You beat me to a pulp I lost the baby,
Still, I stayed because I loved you or rather,
I was in love with the dream of what we could be
When everyone around me said I should go
I stayed, I stayed because
You were the love of my life!

Know Your Worth

I gave you so many chances because I thought you loved me,

I thought if I stayed just a little bit longer,

Things would get better,

Bit by bit piece by piece I lost my self

I blamed myself because I provoked you,

Your abuse was so normal

Before I knew it,

I loved you more than I loved myself,

I lost my self-confidence,

My worth

My eye side

My ability to use my legs

My dreams

Regrets and I became best friends.

 Did I deserve to be abused?


Were my mistakes worse just because I am a woman?

Lost Right
Lost Front
Lost Left

Why is a woman always blamed when things go wrong?

When you abused me, my in-laws said I proved you

When I could not keep a child full-term 

They called me a  barren

Not knowing the many times you beat me to a pulp I lost our babies

Struggling to have kids

God blessed us with kids

And, again they were too dark or too light to be yours my in-laws said

What exactly did a woman do?

My husband passed away and

I did not even get a chance to  grieve  for him

I was busy fighting with my in-laws because

Again, I was blamed that I killed you

When will it end

Are my mistakes worse just because I am a woman

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH Stop Women and Children abuse

I have overcome every situation I thought would break me

But it didn’t

I am a woman

Strong, beautiful, sexy, caring and forgiving

I am taking charge of my life

I know my worth

Today, I paint my own canvas

I am taking charge of my own ship

I was a passenger for too long

Not anymore

I am the captain of my ship

I am a woman

I know my worth

I deserve more

I demand more



The strength is within us

We are our own savior 

Woman Know Your Worth





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