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2020 Website design secretes ...........

Website makes you money the moment people visit your website,
People can donate to your organization?


Gifts and Digital Printing

Branding your organization using co-operate gift printing. Branding often takes the form of a recognizable symbol to which customers easily identify, such as a logo. We put the organization logo through various products like T-Shirts, Mugs, Caps, Key-holders, Bottles, Badges, Tags, Lanyards, Stationary and many more.

gifts printing

Graphic Design

Create designs for your book covers, calendars, booklets, posters, newspapers, invitation cards, pamphlets, letterheads, logo and many more.

Internet Service Provider

The best internet Service providers with reasonable prices. We understand that data is no longer a want but a need.

So we offer: No Contracts or Monthly Minimums Keep your unused data for 3 months (you keep your unused data so your data keeps on increasing if you are not using it)
Blacklisted no problem (As is not a fixed contract it does not matter if you are blacklisted) You can create your own packages that suits your needs from airtime to the data you need per month.

sim card

Social Media Setup

We set up the social media platform of your choice schedule to update the time you want and also put ads on your social media.

Online Presence and Digital Marketing

Online presence is any existence of your business or organization that can be found via an online search. Online presence includes creating your website, social media management, digital marketing, checking what is right for you.


Remember is not just a website:

Is digital learning or e-learning for schools making sure learning does not only stop in the classroom.

 For businesses is getting more customers as people can easily find you online and know exactly what services you are offering, online payment, cheap or free marketing.
If not now when?


WordPress Websites

Having a website makes you money as advertisers pay you to advertise on your website. Clients can get information on your website, register the child, get question papers, get the latest sales pamphlets without even leaving their home they can even make payments. Not sure if your organization needs a website send us an email and I will tell you why your organization must have a website. Do you know even street vendor needs a website so more people can find her and also get more clients? Can't afford it? Book an appointment and let me show you, you can afford a website as it can pay for itself.

Monitize website and blogs

When you create a website or blog with us we will help you monetize your site so it pays for its own hosting, you know what they say " no matter how beautiful a website is as long as it does not make you money than is a crap website so it means you must go back to the drawing board."


Hear what they have to say about Us!

They created our first website before we could not make up our mind we changed the structure, colors and look of the website every time they were done and they always went back to redo it to what we want now we have moved and again they are updating and building a new website for us thank you for your patience.
Ivuma Arts Centre
Non Profit Organization
I have a clothing brand called VALOR Clothing brand and i asked Alien Tech to print over weekend and she did
We created our logo with Alien Tech and wow i must admit i had no idea what exactly i wanted from my logo i do know i wanted the logo to show construction, supplier, training and the relevant colours and oh my when she came with the 4 samples and asked me to choose so she can work with. When i saw this logo i knew this was exactly how i wanted it and more
Enviro Charge

Our Clients

Awesome customers that we have worked with

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